Mental illness

Somebody :what is worse than death

Me: Depression


I’m done

I’m done

I’m really done ,I can’t handle it anymore .

I’m done with all this torture .

I’m done with hearing him torturing her untill she is badly tortured .

I’m done from hearing her screaming , suffering and pretending that nothing is going on .

I’m done from pretending that I’m sleeping every night she checks out of me after he tortures her.

I’m done from seeing all those red and blue scars on her skin .

I’m done from all this repression.

I’m done from Being unable of protesting .

I’m done from Being struck every time I dare and open my mouth to protest every time I try to stand for her and defend her .

I’m done from Being like a dumb cows that have to obey whatever he says without protesting.

But much more I’m done from her cowardness ,from her fake and lying promises .

Her promises that she will save herself and save us with from this crazy monster .

I’m done from walking head down .

I’m done from feeling inferior.

I’m done from hearing murmurs around me.

I’m done from hearing the famous sentences:”How pitiful how can you support him ?.How can you endure all those abuses?”

I’m done from Being half alive.

I’m done from Being silent.

I’m done from all this torture and this violence.

I’m from from feeling my heart heavy with pain and sorrow.

I’m done from feeling this ache hurting so much.

I’m done from everything in this life .

I’m done and all what I want is to make an end to my damn life .

Every thing is temporary

Everything is temporary

Today it’s raining but tomorrow the rain will stop and the sun will rise.

Today it’s snowing but tomorrow the snow will stop and the sun will thaw the ice

Today we are in the winter but tomorrow we will be in the spring

Today you are broken, you are suffering,you crying from this pain but tomorrow you will recover even if the pain won’t completely disappear and maybe you will laugh when you remember it.

Today they are your friends but tomorrow they will be your enemies.

Even the ground that we walk today, tomorrow it will be our roof .

It’s time to change

Stop comparing yourself to others

Stop trying to look like someone else

Stop trying to got other’s attention

Stop trying to please others because you will absolutely end up with losing yourself

Stop complaining about your life

Stop complaining about what you have

Stop listening to what others say about you

Stop being sad because you ‘re lonely

God is always with you

Look at the mirror

You are a miracle

You’re unique

You’re perfect

Be self-confident

Believe on yourself

It’s time to change

Take a deep breath

Life is beautiful just be optimistic

Enjoy the smallest things in this life

Happiness can be in drinking a cup of coffee

Happiness can be in listening to your favourite song

Happiness can be in reading a book

Happiness can be in many simple things

Never lose hope

Life had already given many chances and opportunities and it will do the same tomorrow.